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Security of  Institutes in North America

Bridge Technology Partners (BTP) provides security training and organizational planning for private and public institutions. Each of our partners is a Security expert, with a broad military and civilian experience and therefore we are the best team to help you identify your security challenges, plan the best solutions and train you to maintain it.


 BTP team has IDF background and one of the partners was an infantry brigade commander as Colonel. Therefore we have hands- on experience in managing complicated security projects. Together with other partners we are presently managing the security requirements of the   Institution of Berlin, Germany, with sixteen separate locations, including schools and places of worship.  If available, we prefer to work with local personnel, however in this instance we have recruited former Israeli combat soldiers to serve on the ground. We manage and provide the team with ongoing security and tactical training. We are starting a similar activity in Brussels, Belgium and beginning to build an effective security apparatus covering diverse locations.


Our training program generally consists of a three week course. Successful trainees are taught how to identify, evaluate and react to any potential security threat.  Our trainers are all former officers in the Israeli Defense Forces each with considerable and highly respected experience in the security industry. The trainers are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israeli Police, each having more than 15 years experience. They will focus on risk assessment and control. 


Trainees acquire the skills sets necessary to undertake continuing risk assessments, identify and proactively challenge suspicious behaviors and creating and implementing emergency plans. The trainees are trained on available technology, its capabilities and its weaknesses. The training program will also provide them the skills of questioning and assessing suspicious behaviors in crowded situations, such as the heavy human traffic holidays. 


We also offer physical training, including Krav Maga, and, if permitted, the use of personal firearms. Trainees will learn various techniques to isolate and neutralize security threats.


Our training course can be modified to best match local requirements.

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